The Tea Industry has been regulated by Tea Regulations which are upgraded regularly to capture new requirements in the production, processing and marketing of tea.The Regulations guide on how various operations are implemented to facilitate law and order. The Regulations include:-

  • The Tea Regulations 1999
  • The Tea (Licensing, Registration and Trade) Regulations, 2008.
  • The Crops (Tea Industry) Regulations, 2020


  • Licensing and registration - Issuance of licenses and registration certificates to dealers along the value chain.
  • Compliance monitoring inspections/audits and profiling of tea traders and tea factories in reference to the Tea Code of Practice,
  • Surveillance inspections on illegal and unregistered traders and along with border points and in the major towns in the country,
  • Development and review of tea Standards and the Tea Industry Code of Practice in collaboration with Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) in reference to new trends in the industry
  • Quality monitoring plan - Tea Products analysis in reference to tea standards on microbiological, physical and pesticide residue parameters using accredited Laboratories in ISO 17025, This is aimed at enhancing the market access of Kenya tea to the international market.
  • Capacity building to Counties governments officers on matters relating to regulations and compliance to enable them discharge their duties effectively Participation in codex committee meetings on matters related to agricultural policies, standards and tea trade locally and internationally,
  • Checking and evaluation of conformity of the tea imports into the country.
  • Holding of information exchange forums with stakeholders along the tea value chain on matters of interest.
  • To enforce compliance with regulations and standards for conformity to product quality, hygiene standards adherence to ISO requirements in Food safety management systems (ISO 22000 FSMS).
  • To enhance compliance to local, regional and international standards.
  • To promote self-regulation among the various categories of dealers along the value chain in line with relevant regulations