• Facilitating marketing and distribution of tea through monitoring and dissemination of market information, including identification of the local and global supply-demand situation;
  • Conducting domestic market matching and overseas market linkages for tea;
  • Building the capacity of value chain players on product development and adaptation including product design, value-added processing, packaging, labelling, branding and enhancement of exporting skills at both sectoral and firm levels. 
  • Providing business counselling services to potential and existing exporters.
  • Promoting and advising on strategies for value addition prior to the export of tea from Kenya;
  • Conducting Generic promotion of Kenyan tea in the domestic and international market;
  • Conducting Tea Market exploration, intelligence gathering and surveys on traditional, emerging and potential markets for Kenyan tea.
  • Promotion of Kenyan tea in the overseas markets through participation in trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Collaboration with international bodies in tea promotion and pursuit of mutual interests
  • Working closely with Kenya’s Diplomatic Missions abroad in promoting Kenyan tea.
  • Facilitating Kenyan membership to tea councils and association for mutual interests.