1. Establishing linkages with various governments and private research institutions for the conduct of studies and researches designed to promote the production of tea;
  2. Promote quality improvement programs though formulation of guidelines on good agriculture practices, Good manufacturing practices and Best Environment practices for the Tea sector;
  3. Formulate guidelines for control of pest and diseases using Integrated Pest Managements (IPM) practices strategies;
  4. Collaborating with research and training institutions in disseminating research findings;
  5. Conduct surveys and studies on various aspects for the promotion and development of tea and tea products;
  6. Collaborate with the Tea Research Institute in training and development of technical materials on various products and aspects of production of tea;
  7. Capacity building of Counties to enhance their technical capabilities for the development of the tea value chain;
  8. Advise on various aspects of tea value chain in consultation with the relevant institutions with the aim of improving performance of the tea industry;